Wreckage of royal warship which sunk in 1682 found off coast of Norfolk


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The wreck of a royal warship which sank in 1682 whereas carrying the longer term king James Stuart has been found off the coast of Norfolk.

The HMS Gloucester ran aground some 28 miles off Nice Yarmouth following a dispute between Stuart, then the Duke of York, and the ship’s pilot James Ayres about navigating the Norfolk sandbanks.

It sank inside an hour of the strike, at 5.30am on 6 Could, killing round 130 to 250 crew and passengers.

James Stuart went on to reign as King James II of England and Eire and James VII of Scotland from 1685 till 1688, when he was deposed within the Superb Revolution.

The wreckage of the ship was discovered by brothers Julian and Lincoln Barnwell, who labored with their late father Michael and two pals together with James Little, a former Royal Navy submariner and diver.

The brothers discovered the location in 2007 however as a result of time taken to verify the identification of the ship and the necessity to shield an ‘in danger’ web site, which lies in worldwide waters, it is just now that its discovery will be made public.

Julian and Lincoln Barnwell measuring a cannon that was found with the wreck.
Julian and Lincoln Barnwell measuring a cannon that was discovered with the wreck

The ship was cut up down the keel and the stays of the hull had been submerged within the sand.

Lincoln Barnwell stated throughout the workforce’s fourth dive season on the lookout for the shift they felt uncertain that they might discover HMS Gloucester, however issues quickly modified.

He stated: “On my descent to the seabed, the very first thing I noticed had been giant cannon laying on white sand, it was awe-inspiring and actually lovely.

Artefacts from the HMS Gloucester
The brothers with artefacts from the HMS Gloucester

“It immediately felt like a privilege to be there, it was so thrilling.

“We had been the one folks on the planet at that second in time who knew the place the wreck lay. That was particular and I am going to always remember it.”

It has been described by a historian as an important maritime discovery because the Mary Rose, the warship from the Tudor navy of King Henry VIII, which sank in 1545 and was raised in 1982.

Maritime historical past knowledgeable Prof Claire Jowitt, of the College of East Anglia (UEA), stated: “The invention guarantees to basically change understanding of Seventeenth-century social, maritime and political historical past.”

She added that groups will even attempt to set up who else died when the ship sank.

James Stuart barely survived having delayed abandoning ship which price the lives of many, who attributable to protocol couldn’t abandon the ship earlier than royalty.

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