(Domestic infection] New corona 320 deaths 112,198 infected (18:30 on 6th)


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similarly, 28 in Osaka, 27 in Tokyo, 25 in Aichi, 19 in Hyogo, 18 in Chiba, 18 in Saitama, 14 in Hiroshima, 12 in Fukuoka, 12 in Nagano, 10 in Kanagawa, 9 in Kagoshima, eight in Hokkaido, eight in Okinawa, 7 in Nara, 7 in Gifu, 7 in Shizuoka, and Oita 6 in Nagasaki, five in Mie, five in Yamagata, 5 in Yamanashi, 5 in Niigata, five in Kumamoto, 5 in Akita, 4 in Kyoto , four in Miyagi, 4 in Miyazaki, 4 in Kochi, three in Wakayama, 3 in Toyama, three in Yamaguchi, 3 in Tokushima, 3 in Tochigi, Gunma three in Ibaraki, 3 in Kagawa, 2 in Shimane, 2 in Shiga, 1 in Saga, 1 in Okayama, 1 in Iwate, and 1 in Ishikawa a total of 320 deaths had been introduced, one in Fukui Prefecture.

The quantity of people showed to be inflamed in Japan is nineteen,658,088, together with airport quarantines, and 712 cruise deliver passengers and group, for a total of nineteen,658,800.

The quantity of individuals who died became 41,640 individuals who have been showed to be inflamed in Japan, and 13 cruise deliver passengers, for a total of 41,653 humans.

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