Nippon Television “strongly opposes” the former Unification Church, “generally does not confirm personal thoughts and beliefs,” pointing out believer volunteer participation


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at the 26th, Nippon tv announced a rebuttal remark after receiving a “counterattack” from the family Federation for global Peace and Unification (former Unification Church ). the previous Unification Church claims that lady believers had been involved in ” 24-Hour tv ” as volunteer personnel in reaction to the station, which pursues the difficulty on the facts software “Miyaneya” each day . In reaction to this, Nippon television released a counter-paper at the same day, “regarding the click release associated with our application”. inside the “caution against unusual Overheating reviews (2)” launched by using the former Unification Church on the 25th, it was claimed that a girl believer had participated in “24-Hour tv” as a volunteer workforce for seven years. in addition to posting a photograph that serves because the telop of the 2014 software , he factors out, “this system introduces the ‘ Holy Spirit affiliation for the Unification of global Christianity/Noto Church ‘ as ​​a taking part volunteer group (of the program).” It become an unusual improvement wherein he himself talked about the “beside the point dating” among the former Unification Church and the media. Nippon television immediately refutes within the file of the day. concerning the telop talked about by the previous Unification affiliation, “we’ve acquired a record from television Kanazawa that this picture turned into broadcast in the local region on July 27, 2014 by using our affiliated television Kanazawa . It became not broadcasted on NHK, and it was no longer broadcast nationwide.” concerning the existence of program volunteers, he stated, “In standard, we do now not affirm the non-public thoughts and beliefs of the members. No,” he explained.

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