Passenger car overturned in swollen river Shiga Higashi Omi unable to contact two men and women


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at the morning of the 3rd, in a swollen river in Higashiomi town, Shiga Prefecture, a vehicle that was believed to belong to a man and a female who had come to a campsite within the higher reaches turned into located significantly damaged. the 2 have not been contacted, and police and fireplace departments are searching the area as they will have been swept away via the river.

around 7:30 am on the 3rd, a nearby person discovered a passenger vehicle overturned within the Aichi River in Tadehata-cho, Higashi-Omi metropolis and referred to as a hundred and ten.

in line with the police and fire branch, the passenger car was observed the wrong way up and seriously damaged, and it appears that evidently it belongs to 2 males and females who came to a campsite about 1 km upstream from the scene.

the 2 have no longer been contacted and their whereabouts can’t be showed.

within the location of Higashi-Omi metropolis, radar analysis predicted that approximately 90 mm of torrential rain fell in a single hour until 8:00 p.m. at the 2d, and the Aichi River endured to swell.

Police and firefighters are searching the vicinity, assuming that the two may additionally were swept away through the swollen river.

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